ITPC Rules:

As with any sport in the interest of safety and fare competition you have to have rules and it is the responsibility of each contestant to ensure they have the latest copy of the rules, and that their tractor is built in accordance with the latest rules.


Please click on the links below to download a copy of our Rules.        


ITPC Tuned Tractor Pulling Rules v1.1
ETPC Rule Book update 2008

ETPC Rule Book 2007

ETPC Standard Truck Rules 2007

ETPC Sled Rule Book 2007

Below you will find a PDF of ETPC Rules 2016.

To download or look at just click on the Link of the rules below.


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ITPC Tuned Classes as follows:

3.5 Ton Farm Sport Class

3.5 Ton Super Farm Sport Class

4.0 Ton Modified Class


ITPC Farm Stock Classes are defined by Weight as follows:

5.5 Ton Class

7.5 Ton Class

9.5 Ton Class

11.5 Ton Class


ITPC Team Registration form:

Please complete the below form to register your team/tractor.